Member Societies

All the properly constituted Family History Societies in Wales are members of the Association of Family History Societies of Wales (as well as being members of the Federation of Family History Societies).

Because most of the societies evolved out of the original South Wales Family History Society around 1980, each of those societies covers an area equivalent to one of the counties of Wales that had been created in 1974. The exception to this is Glamorgan, which adopted the shortened county name but covers the original historic county rather than the three new counties into which Glamorganshire had then been divided.

As the result of a subsequent and more radical reorganisation in 1996, those counties – with a few minor boundary changes – are now
referred to officially as the “preserved” counties.
(That is
because each is still recognised for ceremonial purposes, such as the ‘County’ for which a Lord Lieutenant is responsible).

The six member societies that fall into this category are:
Clwyd Family History Society
Dyfed Family History Society
Glamorgan Family History Society
Gwent Family History Society
Gwynedd Family History Society
Powys Family History Society
London Branch of Welsh Family History Societies

Two further member societies were subsequently formed in the mid 1990s. Each covers one of the historic counties that existed until 1974, within which most genealogical record sources are organised:
Cardiganshire Family History Society
Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society

The ninth member society of the Association is not a county based society, but one that has a number of its members either living in Wales or carrying out research into Welsh records and/or Welsh surnames:
Guild Of One-Name Studies