The Association

The Association was formed in 1981 as a grouping of the Family History Societies which then existed within Wales. Its constitution states that its Aims and Objectives are:

• to promote the study of family history and genealogy of Wales;
• to co-ordinate and support the activities of the Family History Societies in Wales;
• to promote and secure publication of material of particular interest and usefulness to family historians researching Welsh ancestry;
• to liaise with its affiliate members and other appropriate bodies in order to represent the interests and needs of its member societies.

A fifth objective, underlying and supporting all of these, is to improve public access to the archival material in Wales, both at local and at national levels.

The Association regrets that it does not have the resources to assist with research – please contact the relevant Society.

For a list of independent researchers who have indicated their willingness to accept commissions relating to family and historical research connected with Wales see here